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Park/Trail Stewards Program

For interested volunteers who want to help maintain specific park areas

or implement a park improvement project.

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Anyone interested in volunteering is welcome to apply for the program, including:

  • Individuals

  • Families

  • Corporations

  • Community Groups

  • Neighborhood Associations

  • Civic Associations

  • Faith-based Organizations

  • Schools



  • As a volunteer, you have an opportunity to donate services to the community and enjoy the results of your hard work.

  • Volunteers become stewards of public lands by improving park areas in meaningful ways.

  • Your efforts enhance and maintain public lands through cleanups, planting trees, weeding, monitoring wildlife, and other projects.

  • Volunteerism increases public awareness of the importance of protecting natural resources and generates pride in our park system.

  • Volunteering provides the benefits of an active lifestyle.

  • You will know that you made a difference!



  • Prior to submitting a Volunteer Application, you may want to visit the site in person to determine the area of the park or trail most interested in and develop a proposal.

  •  Complete a Volunteer Application

    • Schedule a meeting with the Parks & Facilities Manager to discuss the volunteer assignment and create a task plan

    • Read and abide by the Safety Guidelines that will be provided to you and all park and trail rules

    •  Sign a waiver prior to participation; a parent/guardian must sign for anyone in their care who is under the age of 18

    • Complete assigned tasks

    • Report hours


General Guidelines

While each park and trail may have its own specific needs, volunteers who have a recurring assignment work at the park or trail at least four times per year and:

  • Pick up litter, place in trash bags and trash cans

  • Remove debris on trails or pathways

  • Return displaced rocks to original placement

  • Clean signs and equipment

  • Check park or trail for damage

  • Report graffiti or safety issues to the Parks & Facilities Manager

For questions or concerns, Contact Us.

Park/Trail Stewards Program Application

Thank you for applying.Questions? contact us

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